The Martial Life

Learning how to BE a martial artist.

About Me

Born on April 8th, 1977 in Tampa Florida, I started my martial arts journey in May of 1981. My parents first put me into a very traditional Japanese Karate system which I took for about 6 months. After that my parents moved me to a different martial arts school. This school just happened to teach an art called Wing Chun. Wing Chun is a very direct and effective art. I loved this aspect. Plus I knew that my idol, the great “Bruce Lee” had also studied this art of Wing Chun. I was at this school for about 6 years learning this system.

After that I found another school that taught the martial art that Bruce Lee had created after coming here to the states. This art was named Jeet Kune Do (JKD). The teacher that I was studied with was named Sifu Edwin Pagan Garcia. I did not know at the time the influence that this man was going to have on me. Sifu Garcia introduced me to a whole world of different martial arts. He introduced me to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Catch-wrestling, Aikido, Indonesian Silat, and especially the Filipino Martial Arts.

Since then, I have studied these arts extensively. I have brought into my own system everything I feel is useful from all of the arts which I studied. I have now been in the martial arts for 27 years. Some of my accomplishments have been certifications in fifteen martial art systems and an induction into the “World Martial Arts Hall of Fame” in April of 1997.

I am also a certified personal trainer and an avid practitioner of all things having to do with Fitness and Nutrition. I am currently working on attaining a Doctorate in Ayurveda, A 5,000 year old natural system of healing and medicine.

I am also heavy into spirituality. My preferred path is Tibetan Buddhism, but I study all spiritual paths. I am a great believer that spiritual practice and meditation are a great addition and in essence a necessary part of The Martial Life.

Kevin B. Smith


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