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Brazilian Jiujitsu vs. The World

Posted by Kevin Smith on August 18, 2008

I have been asked many times lately if Brazilian Jiujitsu is the best self-defense system in the world? Well here is my answer. No. Now don’t get me wrong BJJ is great, But if you are wanting to learn something for real life effectiveness than it is not necessarily the way to go. In a real fight you do not want to be on the ground. The person might have friend who will stomp on you, or a weapon might come out, ect. In my experience 4 things usually happen in a real life confrontation.

1. The fight is with Multiple Attackers not just one person.

2. The fight involves a weapon or multiple weapons.

3. The fight hits the ground.

4. A combination of the above.

BJJ is meant for one on one no weapon fights. In the real world this does not happen much. In fact, I have not seen a 1 on 1 fist fight since I was in school. A real martial art must address everything I have put here from a very scientific point of view. Not a “do this cause it worked for some guy 2000 years ago” type art. So when you are looking for a martial arts school from a self-defense stand point, make sure you consider this.

Kevin B. Smith


One Response to “Brazilian Jiujitsu vs. The World”

  1. Ben Hurlich said

    Nice Post. I agree with you totally. You also might want to figure in surroundings as well. This plays a big role.

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